Ford/Visteon 401k Investor



FIA publishes Ford/Visteon 401k Investor, an investment advisory newsletter written exclusively for Ford Motor Company participants of the SSIP (salaried employee 401k plan) and TESPHE (hourly employee 401k plan) retirement savings plans, as well as participants of the Visteon VIP retirement savings plan. Ford/Visteon 401k Investor also offers model portfolios, analysis, and recommendations for the Ford HSA plan.


Ford/Visteon 401k Investor brings this investment advice to members in an easy-to-follow format. Each issue of Ford/Visteon 401k Investor contains the following:


  • Model Portfolios to meet your personal investment goals
  • Investment option risk, analysis, commentary, and warnings
  • Objective analysis and commentary on the HSA and 401(k) plans
  • Articles on new investment choice offerings, alerts, and news concerning these company savings plans.



Learn why thousands of automotive employees and retirees rely on Mainstay Capital Management for retirement advice.

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